Some time ago, some of our clients in our sister organisation Shades of Life Care Limited began to disappear from their sessions. Our founder reached out to them, only to discover that their absence was due to a lack of funds. The weight of their financial burden was forcing them to sacrifice their children’s much-needed intervention. It was a moment of profound realisation for me, as I witnessed the unimaginable struggle these families faced.

She made a decision to urge them to continue their sessions despite the overwhelming financial strain. She understood the magnitude of what she was asking, but couldn’t bear the thought of these children being denied the crucial support they desperately needed. The situation became even more poignant as she, a retiree, was personally shouldering the responsibility of supporting them.

After a while, she came face to face with the limitations of her own resources, as it costs a minimum of N5,000,000 per annum to cater to one child. There was only so much she could do as an individual, but the love and determination within her refused to falter. She was no longer content with merely supporting a few families on a personal level because there are lots of families struggling to give their children the needed support. This was her motivation for starting the foundation.

Our intervention centre, Shades of Life Care Limited started in 2014 as Shades of Life Services and then as a Limited in 2017. But the foundation was formally incorporated in 2021.