Zubbi Nwosu is presently the Principal Consultant, Gizmotech Limited Nigeria and Gizmotech Inc. Canada.  After studying in Nigeria, Technical Univ. Enschede in Holland and the University College London, Zubbi spent most of his professional career working in Switzerland in the technology industry. His last stint there was with Glance AG where he was a lead consultant delivering software/automation solutions to clients that included Credit Suisse, Rentenanstalt, Siemens, Hoffman La Roche, Daimler Benz Rail Systems. He also had a stint as consultant to NASA Goddard Space-Flight Centre, in Greenbelt, MD, USA.

Zubbi has renowned expertise, supported by published work, in the evaluation of automation systems, particularly in automated cartography and mapping, distributed computing, payment systems, and all aspects of software and hardware integration. He served May-June 2004 as Project Team Leader for Ziklagsis Networks Limited for the NEPA Prepaid Meter project, which involved extensive GIS integration.

Zubbi has been CEO of Gizmotech Inc. since July 2001.